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Ravensburger Puzzle Sorting Trays

Sort your jigsaw puzzle pieces by color link the trays for easy viewing stack trays for compact organization and store the trays in the box for transport

Ravensburger – Disney 40,320 piece puzzle

Challenge yourself with one of the LARGEST jigsaw puzzles in the world – measuring a whopping 6.8m x 1.9m!

Jigsaw puzzles – Featured products

The World of Sherlock Holmes

1000 pieces – Spot famous characters, crime-solving clues, and historical figures as you build the puzzle – the world of detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Inside the Chocolate Factory

1000 pieces – The colourful world of Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory characters from the film and Roald Dahl’s original book

A Recipe for Murder – story + jigsaw puzzle

1000 pieces – Get to know the party guests. It seems everybody had a motive. Assemble the puzzle to see the clues the Inspector uncovered.

The World of Jane Austen

1000 pieces – Featuring a wide cast of Jane Austen’s contemporaries and characters. Explore Austen’s world as you build this beautiful keepsake puzzle!

Alfred Hitchcock – story + jigsaw puzzle

1000 pieces – Read the story, assemble the puzzle and then solve the mystery. This is not your typical jigsaw!

Sherlock Holmes – story + jigsaw puzzle

1000 pieces – Read about the surprise visit of Helen Stoner to the offices of Sherlock Holmes and the mysterious death of her twin sister – then solve the puzzle.

The World of Shakespeare

1000 pieces – Piece together the world of poet and playwright, William Shakespeare in this art jigsaw puzzle depicting the London of his day. Part of the stunning The World of… series.

Murder on the Titanic – story + jigsaw puzzle

1000 pieces – Wealthy sisters face death on that fateful night aboard the Titanic. Put the puzzle together and solve the mystery.

Foul Play & Cabernet – story + jigsaw puzzle

1000 pieces – As winemakers, Harry Bloom and Ernie Field were brilliant. As partners, they were a disaster. Read the story, solve the puzzle!

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